Original Carclo Optics

Carclo PIR lenses are among the most copied. Many lenses have been copied by simply duplicating a new tool using an existing original Carclo lens. This saves a huge amount of effort and the extremely complex tool used to make every high quality lens is no longer needed. It is highly tempting to use these lenses as they are often a few percent cheaper, but they will never meet the same high performance as the original.
Copied lenses:

  • Have a high a degree of “edge” rounding. This can be seen at each facet transition and invariably this adds noise and a poor detection signal
  • Have a high degree of flash leading to further reduction in signal quality
  • The surface finish is often very poor. Again, this leads to signal loss and background noise
  • >Are often slightly smaller than the original and this could lead to issues in the fixture
  • Are often made from inferior materials with reduced transmission
  • Have been seen to have varying wall thickness, which seriously affects the signal getting through evenly

If you are concerned that you may be using inferior lenses please let us demonstrate the benefit of using original Carclo lenses.

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Surface finish affects IR transmission and adds signal noise.

The difference is clear. On the left an original Carclo lens and on the right a poorly made copy.

Whatever your detection needs we have the right lens