Custom High Performance Lenses for PIR Sensors

A Whole new generation of products are now possible

Custom High Performance PIR Optics

A whole new generation of products are now possible.

We have a long history designing and manufacturing high performance lenses for PIR applications. We will carefully analyse your requirements and make a proposal how best to proceed with your project. Our engineers will consult with you and make a proposal concerning costs and development time.

01 - Specification

Typical Specification Checklist

  • Intended pyro model number
  • Lens dimensions and mechanical fixation method
  • Detection area desired – number of zones and 3D
  • Colour of the lens (natural, white, black etc.)
  • Outdoor or indoor
  • Annual quantity
  • Mounting position and height
  • Is there a benchmark device already used?
  • False trigger qualification method
  • Minimum signal to noise ratio
Pet Detection

02 - Design

  • Zone design
  • Setting up design elements in 3D
  • Testing and evaluation in software
  • Evaluating performance

03 - Tooling

  • Final tool design
  • Manufacturing of inserts
  • Moulding trials
  • Final performance testing


04 - Manufacturing

  • Packaging
  • Batch size
  • Manual processes if needed
  • QC

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